Here are my guesses for your top concerns about buying my artwork today… And how I would clear them up for you:

Is it worth the $$$?

Every piece of art I create is based on a story.
You can read a summary of the story on each product page. Whenever I release a new collection, I write the full story which shows the inspiration and process. I keep my collectors posted on work in progress and new pieces via email (you can sign up here). Each story has been cooking for years; the artwork is a snapshot of the story at a certain time.
Hands down, the story is what gives value to the art.


Is there a guarantee? What’s the quality of the materials you use?

Along with the story, the quality of the artwork is really important for value.
I use professional grade art supplies for my original artworks. I only partner with reputable, specialist fine art printers when producing my art prints.  The art prints are printed using archival quality, fade-resistant inks and acid-free paper. This means that they do not yellow or discolour over time, and if treated properly, can last for 100 years. While I don’t provide a guarantee on my artwork, I do provide you with instructions on how to take care of it to ensure it’s durability.


How do I choose the right art for my space?

If you need help selecting the right art for your space, you can get (free) personalised advice by joining my mailing list here.
Once you complete a quick questionnaire and send me a photo of your space, I’ll send you back a before and after image suggesting art for your space. By the way, I have a background in interior design so I have an eye for this.


What size should I get? How do I display it or frame it?

I’ve created resources which will guide you on everything you’ll need to enjoy your art – from selection to installation, framing and displaying it, and how to take care of it. You can access these resources here.  This section is constantly being updated over time, so join the mailing list to get them when they’re released.


I’m not an artist and I have no idea what the difference is between fine art paper and canvas.  How do I choose?

There is no right or wrong option to choose – it depends on your preferences.
If you want to receive your art ready-to-hang and have a contemporary look, select an art print on canvas.
If you prefer the look of framed art and want to protect it behind a surface, then select a print on fine art paper, and you’ll have the flexibility to frame it yourself.

Fine art paper is thick paper with a slight woven texture. The paper I use for my prints is archival quality (which means it doesn’t yellow over time), and the artwork is printed with the highest quality inks.
Canvas is 100% cotton fabric and is what’s typically used by artists to paint on. The artwork is printed onto canvas using high-quality inks.

faq - your concerns about buying my artwork answered

Who are you, anyway?

Glad you asked… I’m Sandra, a contemporary artist & art director with a background in interior design, a nomadic spirit, and a passion to bring art into people’s lives. I don’t like seeing empty walls because I see it as a wasted opportunity to increase the quality of your space – and life. You can learn more about me here, or send me a note.


Is it safe to share my information on this site?

All user information stored on our server is stored in an encrypted format. All information, including payment information, is securely communicated using secure socket layer (SSL) software, which is the industry standard for secure commerce transactions. You can read more about my Privacy Policy here.


I don’t want to pay for international delivery.

I’m able to offer FREE international delivery on ALL prints. Also, if you’re located in the US, UK, Australia, or the UAE, you won’t have to worry about customs. For other countries – depending on where you are, customs fees don’t always apply on my art prints, and in the rare case they do, it’s usually about 5-6%.
For original artworks, I’m happy to cover the cost of international shipping, however, you’ll be responsible in the (unlikely) case of returns, and for customs (if applicable, these are usually about 5-6%).
You can read more about my Shipping Policy here.


I’m still a bit nervous. What if I don’t like it?

It’s so important to me that you love your artwork – I don’t want my art somewhere it’s not welcome! So, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like your artwork. The not-so-fine print? This is valid on all originals and prints.  For commissions, I’m unable to honour this offer, but I have a process in place which ensures you’ll be happy with the end result.
You can read more about my Returns Policy here.


Still unsure? Don’t hesitate to call, whatsapp, or email me if you have any questions.
Please give me a day or two to respond.
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