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Need some advice on how to hang art in your space? Perhaps you’ve bought a beautiful new artwork, or maybe you’ve just moved home and want to figure out the best way to display your artworks. Or, if like me, you want to refresh your space, a great way to do this is by considering the way you hang art (and maybe treat yourself to a new piece as well). Here are some tips on how to hang art in your home.

Rule of Thumb
Be sure not to hang pieces too high or too low. The centre of an art piece should be about 155cm high.


1. Height
When hanging art over a piece of furniture, such as a console or sofa, aim for the art to take up about three-quarters of the width of the furniture. Leave 20-30cm between the base of the frame and the top of the furniture.

2. Spacing
Don’t hang pieces too far apart from each other. Approximately 5cm (sometimes less) on either side and below and above is enough space.

hang art: consider the height of the artwork hang art: consider the height of the artwork  hang art: grouping of art prints

3. Build a Gallery Over Time

If you’re hanging a collection of art pieces, or want to build a collection over time, look to mix paintings with photography, black-and-white with colour, and different orientations. Start in the centre with a few pieces; you can then gradually fill the space around them without having to take them down and starting over. Play with the arrangement by taping paper templates up on the wall or spreading the art on the floor and shuffling it around until you get the look you want.

Even if you’re hanging pictures over a couch or buffet, don’t feel they have to be spaced out over the entire furniture piece. Try to have the pieces equidistant from each other, but centred over the middle third of the furniture piece.

hang art: gallery wall

4. Rotating Gallery
This is a very rental-friendly alternative to the gallery wall option, and has a very contemporary, stylish look. Here, you only need to hang a floating ledge shelf, and lean your art selection against the wall, to create a rotating gallery. Again, don’t be afraid to mix and match art types and sizes, or even to overlap the pieces. You can even use a console or dresser placed against the wall as an alternative to the shelf.

hang art: rotating gallery
Photo: Sofa Administrator at Art Over Sofa

5. Off-Centre
For a less formal arrangement, try hanging pieces to the left or right of center. This can work for singular pieces, for example when placing art above furniture, or when creating a grouping of pieces.

hang art: hanging art off centre
hang art: display art on an easel

6. Prop It
Forget the frame: mount your canvas on an easel – this is a great way to fill a corner in a space.

7. The TV Dilemma
I prefer a projector instead of a TV – but if that isn’t an option for you – treat your TV as part of a composition of artworks to help it blend seamlessly into your space. Surround it with art, beautifully framed photographs, and objects you like. You can arrange your composition symmetrically, around the TV, or in a more free-flowing way.

hang art: consider tv as part of composition
Photo: Homeyohmy

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