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I had an obsession with dirty martinis circa 2007, when I lived in Brooklyn, New York. Every time I went to a cocktail bar, I would skip the fruity fuss and go for the savoury, slightly-bitter olive flavours. I loved the elegant shape of the glass and the smoky liquid – the olives were always a welcome snack too.
That martini love resurfaced when I was working on this artwork. Inspired mainly by the geometries found in Bedouin Jordanian weavings, I was combining these with on-trend colour palettes – jewel tone greens, and more subtle shades of olive – which was when I started to see the dirty martini reference.
Prints up to 30x40cm at 300dpi.
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- Hand embellished prints are a budget-friendly alternative to originals, where artwork is first printed onto high quality, fine art paper, then embellished by hand, giving the look and feel of an original. Also, because the piece is worked on by hand, no two pieces are identical.
- Fine art paper is thick paper with a slight woven texture. It is archival quality and the artwork is printed with the highest quality inks, that do not fade over time.
- Originals are created on canvas using professional grade paints.
- Original artworks are all finished with a matt, UV archival varnish that provides non-yellowing protection against discolouration. All original artworks are signed and dated.

- Every piece of art I create is based on a story, which is included in its description. I keep my collectors posted on work in progress and new pieces through my mailings (sign up here). The story's been cooking for years; the artwork is a snapshot of the story at a certain time. Hands down, the story is what gives value to the art.

- Along with the story, the quality of the artwork is really important for value. I use professional grade art supplies for my originals and only work with reputable, high-quality fine art printers when producing my art prints.

- All of the art prints are printed on archival quality paper (which means it doesn't yellow over time), and archival grade inks.