Stories: Desert City



{Wadi Rum x Dubai}
‘Heritage’ is a body of work where art, design, and heritage come together.  It is inspired by traditional Palestinian embroidery motifs and, and Jordanian Bedouin weavings, as a nod to my own heritage.  Thus, it has become an exploration of belonging – or a lack thereof – and identity through diaspora.  The artworks in this collection feature deconstructed and abstracted geometries, as a metaphor for diaspora, in controlled compositions and patterns.  Contemporary colour palettes and clean lines bring a quality of freshness to the heritage theme.  The markings in the pieces are delicate and careful, created using a combination of colour pencil, marker, and fine-tipped pens.

Desert City is a collection within this body of work, where the rich hues of the Wadi Rum desert – representing Jordan, the country where I was born – are juxtaposed against the steely blues and warm greys of Dubai – the city where I currently reside.

The patterns in this collection are currently available as wall art prints that can be framed. 





Detail Shots of Patterns 




Featured Piece: Desert City III

Where some pieces in this collection are more ‘Desert’, while others are more ‘City’, this one combines the two palettes evenly, in a pattern that is quite balanced.

Desert City III – Hand drawn pattern in colour pencil




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