Stories: Dirty Martini



{Brooklyn, New York. Circa 2007}
I had an obsession with dirty martinis circa 2007, when I lived in Brooklyn, New York. Every time I went to a cocktail bar, I would skip the fruity fuss and go for the savoury, slightly-bitter olive flavours. I loved the elegant shape of the glass and the smoky liquid – the olives were always a welcome snack too.



Featured Piece: Dirty Martini

This artwork deconstructs the geometries found in Bedouin Jordanian weavings and Palestinian embroidery as a nod to my own heritage, and an exploration of belonging – or lack thereof.  It combines those geometries with on-trend colour palettes.  Often, snapshots of stories from my past come into play, adding another layer of ‘heritage’ into the pieces.
The jewel-tone greens and more subtle shades of olive are reminiscent of that martini love.

Dirty Martini – Pencil and marker drawing




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