Stories: Merlot



{Brooklyn, New York. Circa 2008}
When I lived in Brooklyn, a small, hole-in-the-wall wine bar opened just down the street from me. It was a gem.  With it’s unassuming white-washed exposed brick walls and bare decor, it served up the most interesting pairings of wine and cheese.  Deep earthy wines combined with lavender or chocolate cheese are some flavours that pleasantly surprised my senses that I won’t forget.

I wouldn’t consider myself a wine connoisseur – but I do love wine – and a good red is invariably my preference unless I’m outside on a hot day.  The gentle warmth and mellow mood always adds to tender family conversations, light girly catch-up evenings, romantic dinners, and unwinding at home after a long day.




Featured Piece: Merlot

This artwork deconstructs the geometries found in Bedouin Jordanian weavings and Palestinian embroidery as a nod to my own heritage, and an exploration of belonging – or lack thereof.  It combines those geometries with on-trend colour palettes.  Often, snapshots of stories from my past come into play, adding another layer of ‘heritage’ into the pieces. 
The warm, rich magenta and burgundy tones with touches of violet and salmon remind me of the emotions and experiences I associate with those wine evenings.

Merlot – Pencil and marker drawing




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