Stories: Times Past



{Dubai, UAE. Circa 2017}
Back in June 2017, I left the warm security of a very well-paid interior design job to pursue art full-time.  Many people have asked me – not always directly – why would I leave a successful 12-year career to do art?  Let’s face it – people are a bit sceptical of art as a career choice, to say the least.

I had no other choice than to make that leap or forever wonder “what if”; and that wasn’t something I was prepared to live with.  As fate would have it, I haven’t looked back since. 

All those experiences, twists and turns led me into a career I love and where I am fully immersed in the art world, working with interior designers and artists at a boutique art consultancy, to curate art packages for hotels and restaurants.  And, most importantly, I’m able to consistently create and grow my own body of artwork in a sweet flow.


Featured Piece: Times Past

This artwork deconstructs the geometries found in Bedouin Jordanian weavings and Palestinian embroidery as a nod to my own heritage, and an exploration of belonging – or lack thereof.  It combines those geometries with on-trend colour palettes.  Often, snapshots of stories from my past come into play, adding another layer of ‘heritage’ into the pieces.   The hour-glass composition in this piece reminds me of the passage of time and reconnects me to my life story.

Times Past – Pencil and marker drawing




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