Travel Diaries: Amman

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There’s something about downtown Amman that pulls me.  I can’t quite describe it – a mix of nostalgia and authentic rawness which I feel in my blood.  A reminder of realness.  It’s the place where the rich, affluent west side of the city meets with the underprivileged and much less affluent east side.  Here, vendors who have spent their lives in front of their storefront sell all sorts of goods, from outdated VHS players to decorative plates and pillows, pots and pans, fabrics, natural loofahs, herbs and spices, and fresh fruit juices.


Featured Piece: Downtown Vibes

This piece was inspired by the shop signs, eclectic facades and vibrancy on the streets of downtown Amman (“al-balad”).
 It was featured in a collection at an art fair in London, where the artworks were inspired by various cities around the world where I’ve lived; from Dubai and Bahrain, to Amman, to New York, Toronto, and London.

artwork inspired by downtown amman
Downtown Vibes – Mixed Media Collage


artwork inspired by downtown amman




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