Travel Diaries: Bahrain Waterline

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Having spent most of my childhood in Bahrain, the island holds many fond memories for me. 

Walks on the corniche with my family on Friday evenings (in the late ’80s), followed by a Baskin Robbins treat; and strolls in residential compounds, where the washed-out tones of the desert climate and spiked palm fronds juxtaposed against the soft, vibrant bougainvillaea plants that were dotted around various gardens.

Then, as I grew up, countless drives with my mum on what started as art homework assignments to build a sourcebook of images for inspiration, and turned into a lifelong passion that I do wherever I go.

These drives took us to all sorts of places; the dhow building yard, and a stranger’s home that was literally piled with antiques from all over the East.  From small, timeworn villages where laundry hung out to dry on balconies and shop signs creaked, to the oldest residential quarters in Al-Muharraq, where we discovered a mansion with ornate architectural details, traditional wind towers, and geometric stone carvings and beautiful wooden door engravings.

This textured collage continues to inspire me to this day, years after I left.






Featured Piece: Bahrain Waterline

This piece was inspired by one of many walks on the beach, where the sand meets the water.  It’s a mixed media collage created using various papers, pastels, india ink, and colour pencil. 

artwork inspired by bahrain
Bahrain Waterline – Mixed Media Collage





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