Explore art that is an abstract interpretation of moments from my travels around the world, and a play on the notion of belonging and heritage; A celebration of diaspora.



Paintings inspired by cities around the World

The artworks in this collection feature layers of collage, and a rawness that reflects the urban texture inspiration. The markings in these compositions are expressive and uncontrolled - though still very intentional. They’re fine art prints of originals that were created using mixed media such as pastels, ink, and acrylic.




Drawings + patterns of deconstructed geometries inspired by Arabian motifs

Art, design, and heritage come together in contemporary compositions and patterns that feature abstracted, deconstructed geometries inspired by Arabian motifs. The artworks in this collection are very controlled and feature delicate markings, made using a combination of colour pencil, marker and fine tipped pens.



Abstract geometries in contemporary colour palettes


Textured collages inspired by places around the world


Hand-crafted resin art jewellery


Art for the everyday


Explore my travel diaries, and go behind-the-scenes with the stories and process of each art collection. Get resources to help you experience art in your home.

Stories: Desert City


HERITAGE V | DESERT CITY {Wadi Rum x Dubai} ‘Heritage’ is a body of work where art, design, and heritage come… READ MORE

Stories: Merlot


STORIES | MERLOT {Brooklyn, New York. Circa 2008} When I lived in Brooklyn, a small, hole-in-the-wall wine bar opened just down… READ MORE

Stories: Times Past


HERITAGE IV | TIMES PAST {Dubai, UAE. Circa 2017} Back in June 2017, I left the warm security of a very… READ MORE

Travel Diaries: Amman

travel diaries

AMMAN DOWNTOWN VIBES There’s something about downtown Amman that pulls me.  I can’t quite describe it – a mix of nostalgia… READ MORE


I create art to help enhance a space, and bring joy, so I love it when I see my art doing that - whether in someone's home or at a place, helping develop and communicate a brand identity. Here are a couple of the things my amazing clients have to say (and the reasons for me to blush):

“It was absolutely great to work with Sandra from start to finish she was very professional. She understood what we were looking for and sent us a couple of ideas before we go ahead. In the end, the mural looked stunning and our guests love it, it’s all over social media.”

- Majed A. (Assistant Director PR & Marketing, Nola's, Dubai)

“I received Sandra’s work as a gift and was moved by her enormous empathy with her subjects. Her portraits are keenly observed and resplendent, full of movement and life. They capture the spirit of the person while bringing a new perspective on them. Beyond her portraits, I love how she brings energy, wonder, and colour to everyday scenes and unique compositions. Art is not simply an occupation to Sandra - it’s a passion and a calling, and she’s endlessly creative.”

- Vicky S. (New York City)

“I would like to tell you how amazing it was to have a first look at my artwork!!!! I found it beyond my expectations and much more - I feel I am so lucky to have it. It's a good decision I will never regret. You are a true artist.”

- Jamileh E. (Bank Executive, Amman, Beirut)

“I viewed my painting 'Magenta' at Sandra's website hundreds of times, the colours are fascinating, the painting tells various stories and the finishing just fabulous... I contacted Sandra the moment I decided that I must own this piece of art. Sandra was amazingly responsive and incredibly nice person to deal with, she was in contact with me throughout the process, sending me updates and agreeing on a delivery date. Many of my friends and family have mentioned how unique and eye-catching it is. I am grateful to have known Sandra and bought her masterpiece 'Magenta'”

- Mohammed A. (Regional Sales Manager, Dubai)

“It has been a pleasure working with Sandra on a unique piece of art for our UBK restaurant & bar. Her simple yet elegant creation is a perfect match for the design of the outlet. We would not hesitate to approach Sandra for further projects.”

- Daniel K. (General Manager, Movenpick, Dubai)